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  1. Be My Sweetheart
  2. Set of 3 Heart Cocoa Bomb
  3. Pucker Up Stir Sticks
  4. Candy Heart Stir Sticks
  5. Valentine's Day Salted Caramel Snack Bag
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  6. Valentine Cotton Candy Popcorn
    Sold Out
  7. Valentine's Day Dark Chocolate Cherry Popcorn
    Sold Out
  8. Valentine Mini Cookie Cutters
  9. Heart Cookie Cutters
  10. Heart Charcuterie Board, Small
  11. Heart Charcuterie Board, Large
  12. Red Heart Pillow
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  13. Love Always Pillow
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  14. Love Pillow
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  15. Valentine's Day Hair Coil Boxed Set
  16. Rainbow Hearts Necklace
  17. Ombre Heart Pinata Favors
  18. Felt Heart Garland
  19. Rainbow Felt Heart Garland
  20. Heart Suitcases
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  21. Imagine Bar Soap
  22. Adventure Bar Soap
  23. Courage Bar Soap
  24. Red Vintage Matches
  25. Light Pink Mini Matches
  26. Light Pink Vintage Matches
  27. Peach Twist Candle
  28. Floral Bouquet Puzzle
  29. We All Deserve Love Puzzle
  30. Retro Jelly Bag Lilac
  31. Retro Jelly Bag Mint
  32. Retro Jelly Bag Blue