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  1. Charlie's Tree Boxed Set
  2. This Town is a Gem Cards Boxed Set
  3. Tinsel on the Tree Boxed Set
  4. Nutcracker Gift Bag
  5. Nutcracker Wrapping Roll
  6. Nutcracker Washi Tape
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  7. Holiday Ribbon Set
  8. Deck the Halls Medium Gift Bag
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  9. Deck the Halls Large Gift Bag
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  10. Deck the Halls Wine Gift Bag
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  11. Deck the Halls Stickers & Labels
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  12. Holiday Lights Wrap Sheets (3)
  13. Tis the Season Holiday Labels
  14. Mistletoe Wrapping Roll
  15. Canopy Gold Wrapping Roll
  16. Pomegranate Gift Bag
  17. Frasier Fir Tissue Paper
  18. Frasier Fir Wrapping Paper
  19. Frasier Fir Gift Tags
  20. Black Gingham Runner
  21. Merry & Bright Runner
  22. Green & Red Awning Runner
  23. Red Check Runner
  24. 10 yards Ribbon - Pink Styles
  25. 10 yards Ribbon - Metallic Styles
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  26. 10 yards Ribbon - Tall Spool Gold Metallics
  27. Blue & Green Gift Topper Kit
  28. Apres Ski Wine Tags
  29. Just a Little Somethin' Wine Tags
  30. Holiday Floral Fabric Gift Wrap
  31. Holiday Stars Fabric Gift Wrap Set
  32. Blue Pines Loaf Pan Set