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  1. Tinsel on the Tree Petite Card
  2. Tangled Lights Petite Card
  3. Bon Bons Petite Card
  4. This Town is a Gem Cards Boxed Set
  5. Tinsel on the Tree Boxed Set
  6. Glitter Bow Gift Tag Set
  7. Gold Glitter Alphabet Sticker Sheets
  8. Nutcracker Sweets Small Gift Bag
  9. Nutcracker Sweets Medium Gift Bag
  10. Pomegranate Gift Bag
  11. Laurel Menorah Small Gift Bag
  12. Laurel Menorah Medium Gift Bag
  13. Laurel Menorah Wrapping Roll
  14. Holiday Stamps Wrapping Roll
  15. Holiday Garden Party Wrapping Roll
  16. Christmas Delivery Gift Tags
  17. Deck the Halls Stickers & Labels
  18. Santa's Workshop Stickers & Labels