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  1. Fa La La Croix
  2. Winter Boot
  3. Wrinkle Free Ornament
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  4. Flamingo Floatie Ornament
    Sold Out
  5. Engagement Ring Ornament
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  6. Pink Glue Gun
  7. Moscow Mule Ornament
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  8. Male Bust Ornament
  9. Paper Tree Ornament
  10. Bunny Felt Ornament
  11. Butter Ornament
  12. Ranch Dressing Ornament
  13. French Press
  14. Chinese Take Out Box
    Sold Out
  15. Gingerbread Man Ornament
  16. Spiked Sparkling Seltzer
  17. Popsicle Ornament
  18. Vintage Artist Palette
  19. Swiss Chalet Ornament
  20. Queen Elizabeth Ornament
  21. 3" White Glass Ornament
  22. 3.25" Peppermint Lighted House Ornament
  23. COMING SOON! 4.75" Lighted House Ornament
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  24. Baby Carriage Ornament
  25. COMING SOON! Royal Stork Dome Ornament
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  26. COMING SOON! Papa Noel Ornament
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  27. COMING SOON! Book Ornament
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  28. Sold Out
  29. Whimsical Trees Dome
  30. Santa Claws 6 Pack
  31. Expensive Coffee Ornament
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