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  1. Holiday Puzzle in a Can
  2. Christmas Cheer Board Book
  3. Santa's Workshop Scene
  4. Wooden Embroidery Gingerbread House Kit
  5. Make Your Own Nativity
  6. Christmas Coloring Poster
  7. Icons Memory Game
  8. Holly Jolly Memory Game
  9. Monopoly: KC Edition
  10. You are the Sun Photo Album
  11. Life in Harmony Photo Album
  12. Little Moments Big Memories Photo Album
  13. Lurex Hair Bows
  14. Pink Soldier Costume
  15. Enamel Star Necklace
  16. Medium Girl Christmas Mouse
  17. Medium Boy Christmas Mouse
  18. Antlers Headband
  19. Box of Peppermints
  20. Box of Ribbon Candy
  21. Holiday Chocolate Almonds
  22. Milk Chocolate Dunking Spoon
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  23. Salted Caramel Dunking Spoon
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  24. Peppermint Dark Chocolate Dunking Spoon
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  25. Candy Cane Cocoa
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  26. Frost Peppermint
  27. Hot Chocolate Snowballs
  28. Candy Coal
  29. Pumpkin Spice Simple Syrup
  30. Woodfired Apple Simple Syrup
  31. Vanilla Maple Simple Syrup
  32. Winter Forest Simple Syrup