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  1. Cypress & Fir Bronzed Jar
  2. Cypress & Fir Green Mug
  3. Cypress & Fir White Mug
  4. Cypress & Fir Mini White Opaque Glass 5oz
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  5. Holiday Tin with Brownstone Scene- Tangerine & Clove Candle
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  6. Holiday Tin with Living Room Scene- Persimmon & Chestnut Candle
  7. Holiday Tin with Ice Skating Scene-Mistletoe & Mint Candle
  8. Holiday Tin with Staircase Scene-Wassail Candle
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  9. Red House Candle, Large
  10. Spice House Candle, Small
  11. Spice House Candle, Large
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  13. Gold Candle Wick Trimmer
  14. Black Vintage Fireplace Matches