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  1. Small Cake Stand
  2. Medium Cake Stand
  3. Large Cake Stand
  4. Stocking Table Accents
  5. Vintage Tree Placemat
  6. Gold Stripe Runner
  7. Mistletoe Cocktail Napkins
  8. Nutcracker Cups
  9. Be Merry and Bright Cocktail Napkins
  10. Rifle Nutcracker Guest Napkins
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  11. Pink Soldier Costume
  12. Nutcracker Sticker Book
  13. Festive Icon Cupcake Kit
  14. Fringed Tree Party Picks
  15. Christmas Paper Chains
  16. Christmas Tree Party Hats
  17. Santa & Reindeer Cookie Cutters
  18. Red Small Plates
  19. Red Small Napkins
  20. Pale Pink Eco Large Plates
  21. Cream Eco Small Plates
  22. Pastel Fringe Crackers
  23. Reindeer Fringe Antler Headbands
  24. Magical Christmas Cups
  25. Nutcracker Crackers
  26. COMING SOON! Gingerbread Men Dessert Plates
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  27. Gold Leaf Dinner Plates
  28. Gold Leaf Side Plates
  29. Antlers Headband
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  30. Candy Cane Balloon Garland
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  31. Golden Classic Balloons
  32. Festive Foliage Garland