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  1. Ink Striped Petite Napkins
  2. Ink Striped Large Napkins
  3. Cornflower Blue Side Plates
  4. Ink Striped Small Plates
  5. Soft Lilac Small Napkins
  6. Summer Sky Blue Side Plates
  7. Summer Sky Blue Small Napkins
  8. Ballet Slipper Dinner Plates
  9. Ballet Slipper Side Plates
  10. Emerald Green Small Napkins
  11. Emerald Green Side Plates
  12. Emerald Green Dinner Plates
  13. Tomato Red Small Napkins
  14. Tomato Red Dinner Plates
  15. Red Stripe Side Plates
  16. Ink Striped Treat Cups
  17. Soft Lilac Large Napkins
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  18. Periwinkle Dinner Plates
  19. Sea Foam Green Dinner Plates
  20. Mint Sorbet Large Napkins
  21. Summer Sky Blue Dinner Plates
  22. Summer Sky Blue Large Napkins
  23. Cotton Candy Dinner Plates
  24. Cotton Candy Side Plates
  25. Candy Pink Small Napkins
  26. Candy Pink Large Napkins