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  1. Oh Happy Day Party Pennant
  2. Bunny Woven Straw Bag
  3. Floral Bunny Backpack
  4. Mini Peach Retro Basket
  5. Mini Pink Retro Basket
  6. Peach Fiesta Shopper
  7. Easter Grass 1oz Bag
  8. Coconut Cream Pie Candy Bar
  9. Salted Almond Candy Bar
  10. Key Lime Pie Candy Bar
  11. Toffee Brittle Candy Bar
  12. Gingham Hair Bows
  13. Leaping Bunny Necklace
  14. Light Up Necklace
  15. Peeking Chick Toy
  16. Easter Fun Sticker Set
  17. Gingham Bunny Egg Decorating Tattoo Kit