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  1. Gift Card
  2. Sparkling Grapefruit 16oz
  3. Mercury Candle Bowl 15oz - Volcano
  4. Wick Trimmer
  5. Snuffer
  6. Upper Hand Manicure Set
  7. Celfie Vase Chocolate - Small
  8. White Colorblock Flower Vase
  9. Pink Colorblock Flower Vase
  10. White Colorblock Mason Jar - Small
  11. Mathew Glass Vase
  12. Enamel Mixing Spoon
  13. White Marble & Wood Spoon Rest
  14. White Mod Cookbook/iPad Holder
  15. Colored Mod Cookbook/iPad Holder
  16. Ridged Footed Bowl
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  17. Monogrammed Maple Artisan Boards with French Spreader Knife - Choose Your Initial
  18. Medium White Rectangle Mod Charcuterie Board
  19. Large Round Pine Charcuterie Board
  20. Small Square Pine Charcuterie Board
  21. Golden Pepper Pesto 6oz
  22. Sunny Side To Do
  23. Today Task Notepad
  24. Marble Bookends
  25. Fox Dish Stand
  26. Bunny Dish Stand
  27. Marble Flower Shaped Dish
  28. Strawberry Fields Catchall Tray
  29. Perfect Petals Paint by Number Kit
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  30. Flamingo Paint by Number Kit
  31. All About Austin Paint by Number Kit
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  32. Babe Keychain