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  1. Miniature Nativity in Gift Box
  2. Papa Noel Cream Mug - Eyes Open
  3. Mint or Pink Papa Noel Mug
  4. Papa Noel Punch Bowl
  5. Brown Papa Noel Mug
  6. Brown Papa Noel Pitcher
  7. Brown Papa Noel Cookie Plate
  8. Brown Papa Noel Platter
  9. Medium Green Garland Lighted Gingerbread House
  10. Large Green Garland Lighted Gingerbread House
  11. White Icing Lighted Gingerbread Manor
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  12. Nutcracker Mug
  13. 6' Cedar Garland with Pine Cones
  14. Santa's Helper Cup Set
  15. Apres Ski Cup Set
  16. Tips Up Cup Set
  17. Skiaholic Cup Set
  18. 11" Candy Lighted Gingerbread House
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