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Get ready to cheer on our Kansas City Chiefs in the SUPER BOWL with party goods from Pink Antlers & balloons from Jubilee Balloon Co.!

Please select a pick up date before adding to cart.

Pick up dates are February February 5th| 11am-5pm
or February 6th | 11am-1pm 
*the balloon structures are guaranteed to last 1 week and come with extra balloons & hanging materials 

Pink Antlers Party Room
11529 Ash St.
Leawood, KS 66211

If you are ordering both balloons & party goods, be sure to use discount code PICK UP, so that you aren't charged shipping & can pick up all items together. 

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  3. Football Field Tray
  4. Taylor & Travis Beer Koozie
  5. Taylor & Travis End Game Mug
  6. Kansas City - Mustard Hat
  7. Tomato Red Small Napkins
  8. Tomato Red Large Napkins
  9. Tomato Red Dinner Plates
  10. Candy Apple Striped Large Plates
  11. Candy Apple Striped Petite Napkins
  12. Red Stripe Side Plates