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  1. Dusty Blush Scissors
  2. Upper Hand Manicure Set
  3. Nourish to Flourish Pill Box
  4. Lake House Keychain
  5. Babe Keychain
  6. Scooter Keychain
  7. Lively Floral Binder Clips
  8. Luisa Sticky Note Trio
  9. Garden Party Tackle Box
  10. Garden Party Desk Organizer
  11. Garden Party Pencil Cup
  12. Garden Party Letter Tray
  13. Tapestry Paper Tape
  14. Mini Clothespins
  15. Groovy Alphabet Sticker Sheets
  16. Leopard Keychain
  17. Checkers / Backgammon Tabletop Game
  18. Everything Lanyard
  19. Floral Card Deck Set
  20. Garden Party Small Cosmetic Pouch
  21. Pink Antlers Sweatshirt