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  • $35.95

Beaded Bracelet Kit

This kit contains everything you need to make 6 beaded bracelets in a whole range of colours. Contained in the beautiful package are 36 high quality resin beads and a set of 24 gold plated spacers. Inside your tin you'll also find elastic to string your beads onto and a set of instructions. They type of knot you tie is key!

Designed for adults (but we're sure lots of children and teenagers will love them too) this kit allows you to make 6 beautiful high quality pieces of jewellery, that will cost you a fraction of buying them ready made and you'll have the added satisfaction of making them yourself, choosing your colour combinations and placements. Why not make them with some friends on a cozy evening in?

All packaged in a beautiful tin, this kit is perfect for gifting.

Beaded Bracelet kit for beginners

This beaded bracelet kit is perfect for beginners as the instructions take you through everything you need to know.

What's in this beaded bracelet kit?

Everything you need to complete this kit (apart from a pair of scissors) is included:

  • 36 resin tube beads
  • 24 Gold plated spacer beads
  • Detailed instructions cards
  • Elastic threading string

Beaded bracelet kit details

  • Contemporary beaded bracelet kit, made in and shipped from the UK
  • The jewelry kit is packaged in our beautifully designed tin with a sticker designed to tell you exactly what's inside the kit
  • Plus all of our packaging is fully recyclable or reusable and contains no plastic